ZSLS-100B vacuum quick pre-cooling machine
ZSLS-100B vacuum quick pre-cooling machine
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Shanghai Ju Steel Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of food packaging equipment, under the Dutch JUGANGB.V company, 20 years to develop more than 100 kinds of food packaging equipment to meet the international and domestic market needs.

Torch Steel has developed a variety of food preservation packaging technology, the formation of four series of packaging equipment line: air-conditioning packaging machine, vacuum quick cooling machine, vacuum (inflatable) packaging machine and automatic liquid packaging machine. And configure the Penma, sterilization, transportation, packaging and other auxiliary equipment, the formation of complete sets of packaging lines. Torch Steel Company has a professional food preservation technology research institute and laboratory, food preservation packaging technology systematically studied, covering packaging equipment design, automation design, agricultural products and food preservation processing technology.

Torch steel company already has more than 10 Chinese national patent technology and intellectual property rights. In 2004, the company was established as a high-tech transformation project in Shanghai. In 2005, the Company received the funding of agricultural science and technology achievements from China's Ministry of Science and Technology and the project support of Shanghai.

The company has established ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system, has a timely and perfect technical service system to ensure that the company's products successfully marketing China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, India, Nigeria, Venezuela, Mexico and other places.

Vacuum rapid cooling machine Products:

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one. Customer basic requirements:

1. To deal with: to produce high-temperature halogen material, cooked dishes

2. Treatment temperature requirements: 90 ℃ → 5 ℃

3. Processing capacity: 200kg / times - 500Kg / times

4. Other requirements: according to the specific circumstances of the customer to further determine





Box volume (cubic meters)




Each treatment capacity (Kg)




Number of times per hour (approx)



twenty three

Machine power (Kw)




Maximum operating equipment power (Kw)


twenty one


Working power




Equipment weight (t)




Dimension (mm)

(Long * wide * high)

Unit: 2100 * 1300 * 1900

Unit: 2500 * 1300 * 2100

Unit: 3300 * 1500 * 2400

Chassis: 1200 * 1100 * 1900

Chassis: 1800 * 1300 * 2100

Chassis: 1900 * 1600 * 2400

Treatment temperature range (food)

100-10 ° C

100-10 ° C

100-10 ° C

Product offer

23.8 million

29.8 million

39.8 million

(Including tax and transport, without carts) specially designed

Energy consumption and supporting facilities

(Customers solve themselves):

1, compressed air: 6kgf / cm2, air compressor volume flow rate: 0.36 cubic per minute;

2, water: 1, water ring pump need water (general tap water can be, <30 ℃, working pressure ≥ 2kg)

     2, (optional) to increase the water-cooled condenser structure, the customer needs a self-equipped with a cooling tower;

             For example, single machine: (ZSLS-300-2D: water tower: 20m³ / h, water pump: flow: 25m³ / h, head: 20 meters

             (ZSLS-500-2D: water tower: 35 ~ 40m³ / h, water pump: flow: 40m³ / h, head: 20 meters

3, power: 380V / 50hz

Remarks Other costs: 1, 1, the standard model for the single-door one-way: the whole machine or split design;

2, the special requirements of the two-door bi-directional: machine or split design;

3, the use of equipment needed carts and trays, the design side can design drawings to the user to self-processing, or use the side commissioned my design side production;

4, split standard vacuum tube 5 meters; ultra-5 meters after 1000 meters / yuan; special requirements of the two-door bi-directional: machine or split design, split standard vacuum tube 5 meters; M / yuan; increase the price of a sealed door 0.5 million, split plus 10 million

5, equipment purchase lift (optional) equipment with cart (optional)

Vacuum rapid cooling machine to follow the standard: Q / NWME 2-2007 The standard for the Shanghai enterprise standard

two. About quotes

L This offer includes transportation, operation training, one year free warranty

L equipment prepaid 35% deposit, received to 95% after delivery; 5% warranty for 90 days;

L Delivery: prepayment to 30 working days

L warranty period of 1 year, life-long maintenance, 24-hour telephone service;

The special design of the equipment If it is related to the special installation of welding on site, the welding parts are equipped with the design side, the user to solve the welding equipment (such as: welding gun, argon) work, Party B is responsible for welding personnel.

Fives. Vacuum rapid cooling machine Detailed introduction:

This machine is in the extensive absorption of similar foreign products and the use of advanced technology on the basis of experience, combined with national conditions to develop their own new products. The overall design of the product design, supporting a reasonable, economical, reliable operation of equipment, high production efficiency, high degree of automation, low energy consumption, cooked food production is the best supporting equipment.

Operation: After cooling the product into the material tray directly with the cart, push the cooling box, close the vacuum door, you can start directly, need to cool to how much temperature, the touch screen can be adjusted, (can be cooling range: +90 ℃ to + 10 ° C)


1, cooling speed, cooked food center temperature from 90 ℃ to 20 ℃ only 15-30 minutes, strong wind pre-cooling need 5 hours, cold storage needs more than 10 hours;

2, cooling uniform, high quality. The cooling of the vacuum cooling is carried out simultaneously with the surface and the center, the cooling temperature is uniform and will not cool outside. While the strong wind and cold storage in the cooling when the appearance of the first cold, this will lead to food outside the cold heat, affecting the taste and will cause bacterial reproduction.

3, cooling in a vacuum environment, clean and sanitary, from air pollution;

4, high temperature cooked food cooling, due to the cooling speed, you can greatly avoid the food in the 30-70 ℃ bacterial breeding temperature zone. Without preservatives, can still achieve a longer shelf life;

5, the food in a short time to cool down, so that the maximum retention of vegetables, vitamins and trace elements, so that meat products to maintain the original flavor and nutrition;

Application of Vacuum Rapid Cooler in Industry

Cooked food in the production process, the cooling has been a major problem manufacturers, the existing several cooling methods are a lot of defects:

1, in the air in the natural cooling, a long time, the central temperature cooling is very difficult, in a long period of high temperature, a lot of vegetables, vitamins and trace elements will be destroyed, the color will be yellow, affecting the taste and nutrition, sensory also Will become very poor, meat in a long time under high temperature will cause excessive protein denaturation, affecting the taste and nutrition. On the other hand in the process of cooling a large number of bacteria will be in the food breeding (food in the 20-60 ℃ bacterial breeding temperature zone), affecting the shelf life of cooked food;

2, with a strong cold air cooling, the time can be shortened, but the central temperature is still slow down, natural cooling defects still exist, uneven cooling caused by food outside the cold heat, greatly reducing the flavor of food. Another big drawback to using strong cold air cooling is energy consumption. Vacuum cooling of the rapid cooling to prevent the food itself because of its own after the completion of the role of waste heat caused by excessive curing, excessive ripening will let the food to lose their own special flavor. (For example, fried green leafy vegetables, if not after 20 minutes of rapid cooling, then it will be browning, the color is no longer bright)

3, with cold storage cooling, so that food is completely cooled, the time required is still long. Cold storage costs are high, energy consumption is still large, and can not be easily moved.

Vacuum cooling finished dishes, quickly into the box, you can store 24 hours, the same taste. If you add the above mentioned gas-containing packaging equipment, you can do more than 5 days of fresh time

Six, vacuum rapid cooling machine advanced three-dimensional map

Seven. Customer site equipped with:

1, water: temperature ≤ 30 ℃, working water pressure: 0.1 MPa;

2, customers provide power to the machine near the electrical box, three-phase: 380V / 50Hz, three-phase five-wire system;

3, outside the machine to leave drains (drainage), easy to exclude water within the water pump;

4, equipment placement requirements: ground leveling, clean and tidy environment;

ZSLS-200B vacuum quick cooling machine site structure diagram:

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