2017 New Product-Automatic continuous drawing vacuum packaging machine
2017 New Product-Automatic continuous drawing vacuum packaging machine
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Automatic continuous drawing vacuum packaging machine widely used in the dura mater stretching, forming, vacuum, nitrogen, air conditioning and other functions. Optional code, Penma, automatic feeding, special contour cutting and other functions. The series of packaging machines for: food, electronics, medical equipment, hardware accessories, and other packaging products!

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    1. Photoelectric tracking, optional color cover film, light film packaging, reduce costs and improve product quality.

     2. Can be based on user product packaging requirements, can be equipped with automatic coding or coding system.

     3. According to the user product packaging requirements, on the basis of vacuum can be filled with nitrogen or mixed gas.

     4. With a world-class original German Leybold vacuum pump, high vacuum, stable quality, durable and reliable.

     5. With corners of waste recycling system, to maintain environmental health.

     6. The use of advanced cross-cutting, slitting system.

     7. Equipped with mold cooling system: reduce the ambient temperature, improve product quality

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