Box type freezer photo
Box type freezer photo
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Product advantages:

Cabinet rapid quick-freezing machine is mainly used for all kinds of food quick-frozen production process, thereby improving the quality of food and storage time.

Principle: the food or packaged food layered in the freezer, through the cold fan heat conduction, so that the food quickly cooled, frozen, frozen food removed, into the freezer storage.

Cabinet rapid quick-freezing machine using low-temperature air as the medium of the freezing method, the chiller placed in the box, the work through the refrigeration unit and low temperature cold air circulation, so that food freeze, thereby extending the shelf life of food to maintain color flavor.

Rapid freezing greatly improve the safety of food for food preservation escort;

main application

All kinds of fresh meat products, seafood products, etc.

All kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, edible fungus;

All kinds of cooked food products, food products, cooking food, etc.

All kinds of baked goods such as bread, pizza;

All kinds of ice cream;

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