Fruits and vegetables vacuum rapid cooling equipment
Fruits and vegetables vacuum rapid cooling equipment
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Product advantages:

This machine is in the extensive absorption of similar foreign products and the use of advanced technology on the basis of experience, combined with national conditions to develop their own new products. The overall design of the product design, supporting a reasonable, economical, reliable operation of equipment, high production efficiency, high degree of automation, low energy consumption, food production is the best supporting equipment. Companies enjoy the right to protect the national patent technology.

product description:

Vacuum rapid cooling machine is the use of fruits and vegetables or food moisture at low pressure vaporization take away the principle of heat, so that the rapid cooling and cooling. It has other cooling equipment does not have many characteristics

1, the cooling time is short, cooked food from 90 ℃ to room temperature only 20 minutes, 10 ℃ below take 30 minutes; fruit and vegetable type from 30 ℃ to 0 ℃ cooling only 20 minutes; and cold storage cooling more than 10 hours, strong wind Cooling takes more than 5 hours, outside the cold heat (food core temperature and surface inconsistent), will contribute to bacterial reproduction.

2, the cooling process in a sealed vacuum state of cooked food cooked clean, no bacterial contamination.

3, the cooling temperature is uniform, the vacuum inside the food part of the temperature, has maintained a uniform decline in the state.

4, as needed to change the cooling temperature, can be easily adjusted by vacuum, get cooked food cooling required temperature.

5, to improve the quality of cooked food to prevent oxidation of food at high temperatures, to avoid the best breeding period of 30 - 70 ℃ bacteria.

6, after cooling, fruit and vegetable freshness, color, taste good, long storage time;

7, vacuum cooling is conducive to the removal of harmful gases such as ethylene, but also can kill part of the pests, thereby extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables;

8, small footprint, the operation does not produce any pollution, can be directly installed in the cooked food production site.

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