Semi - automatic box - type air - conditioning fresh packaging machine
Semi - automatic box - type air - conditioning fresh packaging machine
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Product advantages:

Atmospheric packaging is a new type of food preservation technology, the use of protective mixed gas (usually CO2, N2, O2) to replace the air inside the package, the use of a variety of protective gas from the different role, inhibit the deterioration of food caused by the majority Microbial growth and reproduction, and the active food (fruits and vegetables and other plant foods) respiratory rate decreased, so that food preservation and extend the shelf life. The use of modified food packaging can be better to maintain the original color of food, smell, taste, shape and nutrients.

This machine is widely used in: fresh meat, cooked meat products, fish, poultry, shellfish, fruit, coffee, tea, vegetables, bread and other supermarket food distribution. Modified atmosphere packaging has the quality of food, preservation, color retention, conformal, flavor characteristics, swept the European and American markets.

product description:


Patent Number: ZL03210606.8, ZL03210607.6

Widely used in fresh meat, cooked meat, poultry, fish and fruits and vegetables and other snack foods or bread, cakes and lunch and other cooked food packaging, due to better maintain the original taste of food, color, shape and nutrition, To achieve a longer shelf life, has been more and more food processing manufacturers and consumers of green ignorant. In Europe and the United States market in the use of fresh and fresh packaging of food development is very rapid, the annual growth rate of up to 25%, the current domestic market every year, fresh air-conditioning packaging students. The annual growth rate of 20%, to replace the traditional food vacuum packaging high temperature, high pressure sterilization, product quality can not keep the shortcomings.

Commonly used domestic and foreign protective gases are CO2 (carbon dioxide), O2 (oxygen), N2 (nitrogen) three. Their respective functions are:

CO2: is a bacteriostatic gaseous agent that inhibits bacterial growth and reproduction. Its characteristics:

The best antibacterial activity in the bacteria began to propagate the curve of the lag price (inhibition of bacterial index of about 100 / 100g or less);

In the low temperature easily soluble in water and fat;

It has antibacterial effect on most aerobic bacteria, but it is not effective for anaerobic bacteria and yeast.

Usually the minimum concentration of bacteria is 30%.

O2: its role has three aspects:

Inhibit the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria;

Keep fresh pig, beef, lamb red color;

Keep fresh fruits and vegetables metabolism aerobic breathing.

N2: inert gas, and food does not work, only as a mixed gas filling gas.

Packaging speed: air conditioning packaging is greater than 400 boxes / hour

Working power: 220V / 50Hz

Working pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Gas replacement rate: 95 ~ 98%

Accuracy: ≤2%

Maximum power consumption: 1.5kW

Dimensions: 1100 long × 960 wide × 1620 high mm

MAP-1Z550  Model auto MAP Tray  Sealer

Patent NO.: ZL03210606.8, ZL03210607.6

Modified Atmosphere Packaging, which is a new type keeping fresh technology for food, which adopts protection mixed gas(usually is CO2, N2, O2) to replacement the air of the inner package, taking advantage of every kind of protection gas makes different functions, for restrain the major microorganism breed that cause the food go bad, and make live food(fruits and vegetables etc. plant food) breath speed lowered, thus make food keeping fresh and prolong the period of keeping fresh. The food adopts Modified Atmosphere Packaging that can be better keep the orginal color, taste, appearance and nutrition ingredient.

This machine is extensive to be appliable to: the raw meat, boiled meat products, sea food, friuts, vegetables, dried food and nuts which supermarket seals. The modified atmosphere packaging has some feature, as keeping quality, fresh, color, appearance and taste, is fashionable European  and American market.

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