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The combination of air conditioning packaging machines and vacuum coolers

First, food preservation, need to start from two basic conditions:

1, the food after a rapid cooling temperature from the inside to the outside of the core temperature quickly down to the preservation temperature (usually 0 ℃ -4 ℃) to maintain temperature equilibrium;

2, the use of gas to inhibit bacteria (cooked food, fresh food are applicable), control of living cells aerobic respiration rate, try to make it in a dormant state (fresh food) and kill some bacteria.

Second, based on the above basic conditions:

1, the use of vacuum pre-cooling machine, the use of air pressure, water boiling point decreased, so that the water molecules at high temperatures, room temperature (0 ℃ -100 ℃) phase change occurred. When the water molecules in the phase change conditions, will take a lot of heat of vaporization (unit of water), and water molecules in the direction of heat for the food core to the surface. In this way, the vacuum pre-cooling is cooler than the refrigerant refrigeration cooling efficiency, the effect of quality improvement, and make the product inside and outside the temperature equilibrium.

2, the use of energy-saving packaging machine, to complete the pre-chilled food (the core temperature has been down) for the atmosphere of fresh packaging. The food after the preservation of fresh food packaging in a closed container to receive gas preservation at the same time, to avoid storage, transportation, sales and other aspects of the secondary pollution.

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