China 's packaging machinery and equipment market development characteristics


In recent years, China's packaging machinery industry has made rapid development, but there have been some low-level redundant construction phenomenon. According to the relevant information, compared with the industrialized countries, China's food and packaging machinery products, the lack of 25% -30%, the technical level behind 15 years. Experts believe that the low level of packaging machinery to repeat the construction of industry products upgrading and innovation has become an obstacle, should find a way to solve. But only through the market regulation and strengthening its downstream industry - the food industry supervision to achieve natural elimination. Experts predict: the future development of China's packaging machinery market will show the following characteristics:

First, the packaging machinery technology content is increasing. China's existing packaging machinery products are not high technical content, and abroad has a lot of advanced technology used in packaging machinery, such as remote control technology (including monitoring), stepper motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology, Information processing technology.

Second, the packaging machinery market increasingly monopolized. At present, China in addition to corrugated packaging machinery and some small packaging machinery has a certain size and advantages of the market demand for some large packaging production lines in the world packaging market are several large packaging machinery enterprises (group) monopoly.