Food machinery and equipment development four requirements


At present, the development of China's food machinery long way to go, the space is vast, the main reason is that our people consume food mostly from agricultural raw food, the lack of food processing machinery every year so that food resources can not be directly processed, Storage, preservation caused by the loss of up to several billion, not deep processing of comprehensive utilization of waste caused by a higher loss of resources, so China's food machinery has a broad market prospects.

First, innovation for development

Food machinery refers to the machinery and equipment used in the processing of food raw materials into food (or semi-finished products). China's food machinery manufacturing products, to keep up with the international advanced level of a lot, but really have independent intellectual property rights, with technological innovation products are few. Here the word "with" is "follow up" or even imitation, and very little innovation. Therefore, China's food machinery manufacturing enterprises from the perspective of innovation, from the height of independent intellectual property rights to develop new products, developed a world-class level of advanced equipment, so that in order to truly achieve the domestic food machinery manufacturing upgrading.

Second, policy guidance and development

China's government departments attach great importance to agricultural products processing and food processing industry, which objectively for the food machinery industry to create a good market environment and policy environment. The CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the governments at all levels attach great importance to the food industry. The state has introduced a series of support policies. Including food safety policy, science and technology industry policy, technological innovation policy, science and technology policy and financial support policies.

Third, technical support development

China's food machinery industry started late, the development of slower, but also continue to explore and achieved some success. But at present China's food machinery industry is still in the stage of development, the market is still in a precarious period, with great potential for development. China's food machinery industry in order to achieve rapid development, enterprises must continue to enhance the core technology and product quality, from China to create a transformation to China, through its own R & D and the introduction of technology to gradually narrow the gap with the international advanced level. Must continue to standardize the market order, establish and improve the food machinery industry standards, to ensure that the industry in the standardization and standardization of the market development.

Fourth, the channel to win development

In addition, enterprises should promptly adjust the product structure, to avoid overcapacity, overcapacity will lead to price war, which is unfavorable to the entire industry, we must establish a healthy competitive market atmosphere, so that enterprises in a good order environment in the fair competition. China's vast territory, large population, different areas of economic development and lifestyle are different, which requires manufacturers to multi-survey, for the actual situation in different regions to develop products for local needs to meet the needs of different consumer users. Enterprises should strengthen the marketing and service channels, increase the promotion and service investment and enhance the enterprise should be capacity and visibility, production of excellent quality products, so that products in the increasingly competitive market in the market.

Only to do the above, in order to ensure that the food machinery industry healthy and healthy development.